Anesi Jeunesse Crème Reparatrice – 50ml


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Anesi Jeunesse Crème Reparatrice 50ml

Repair cream


Cream designed for deep skin repair treatment. Rich in regenerating active complexes (Dermolectine, Reductine and Revitaline), nourishing and moisturising vegetable oils, Caviar Oleate and vitamins A and E, with powerful antioxidant properties.

What it does.

  • Intense regenerating power for damaged skin in need of repair.
  • Ideal for treating even the most mature skin.
  • Vitamins, vegetable oils and complex active ingredients, providing the skin with faster and more effective renewal action.

How to use.

  • Apply to a perfectly cleansed face day and/or night.
  • For even better results, use with Cell EGF.


  • For skin in need of repair and the renewal of more mature skin.
  • Seven effective natural ingredients and four complex active ingredients with advanced technology for deep action and visible results.
  • Works on the general appearance of the skin, leaving it more radiant and comfortable and enhancing the overall beauty effect.

Components / Actions.

  • ALGESIUM C (SILLICON): Preventive care and cell repair.
  • REVITALIN BT: Activating and restorative agent of tissue and cells.
  • DERMOLECTINE: Stimulates cell respiration.
  • REDUCTINE: Smooths and hydrates the skin.
  • VITAMIN E: Anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals.
  • VITAMIN A: Promotes collagen production.
  • ALMOND, VIRGIN OLIVE AND AVOCADO OILS: Nourishing, softening and moisturising properties.


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