MUK Head muk Dandruff Control Shampoo 300ml


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Introducing Head Muk Dandruff Control Shampoo – the solution to your dandruff woes! This powerful formula quickly controls flaking and itching associated with dandruff, leaving you with a calm and soothed scalp. Infused with botanical extracts of Sophora root and Cnidium Monnieri fruit, this cleansing formula gently and effectively cleanses your scalp while also providing the much-needed nourishment and care that your hair needs.

This gentle and colour-safe formula is perfect for all hair types, including fine, medium to coarse hair. With its anti-dandruff and sensitive scalp solution, you can be sure to bid goodbye to those pesky flakes and itchiness. Don't let dandruff control your life – take control with Head Muk Dandruff Control Shampoo!


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